The Politics of the Pose and Who Really Gives a F?

I walk the tightrope between practitioner and teacher. It is a fresh line of division. Both fairly new paths. This is your warning: you may not like what I am about to say.

The political race that happens every four years is fought much before election day. Much like the politics of yoga is flexed long before the final resting pose.Here at Yoga Modern, we are not afraid to dive into the controversies in yoga, clearly. Blogs, ideas, theories they hover over the heads of the yoga teachers,  studio owners, and ever deep thinking practitioners. They penetrate the yoga commUNITY. Yes? To some the very thought of joining, breath and body, or practice to the people, often divides the power over pitiful corruption, greed, ego, and insecurity. Allow me to start the discussion with  A-B-C , it’s easy as 1-2-3!

Ambassadors At-Large

The very word ambassador is defined first as: a diplomatic agent of the highest rank accredited to a foreign government or sovereign as the resident representative of his or her own government or sovereign or appointed for a special and often temporary diplomatic assignment. Sounds pretty political if you ask me. Yogis are the consumers, the mass. Yoga communities cutely wrap, brand and sell commodities. What are you an ambassador of and why? Clothing, magazines, charities, jewelry, health supplements, whatever! Believe in your heart of hearts, it stays true to you and yours, then no worries. This is not for me to decide, no but I ask you to ask yourself why and what benefit does it bring? How much is too much where ego and greed take over? Now bring on the discussion.

Bully Beatdown

If you build it, they will come. Obviously some studio owners take this famous quote quite literal. The restrictions placed on teachers to ban instruction at a nearby or similar studio is sadly real. This happens in major cities where hundreds of thousands occupy 5 mile blocks of blocks. Is there not enough trust to allow sharing of teachers? Yoga is for all who resonate with ‘said teacher’…well actually just all who attend this studio and only this studio that is.  Is it right to block the right to share and teach within a 5-10-30 mile radius? Maybe, if teachers could travel via teleport.  How much is that insecurity of studio owners? What’s that? Speak up.

Crap at the Core

The corruption of the leaders. the creators of the mega communities of yoga is REAL. Rather than trying to decide if the dictator was rotten or right, just or just crazy, there is suffering had by all. The auspicious teachers are now eyed with an suspicious glare and the entire nationwide yoga community is tainted with stink. Trust is lost between student and teacher, faith weakened in the practice and lines drawn between disciplines. Who’s side are you on? Well, who is not corrupt? Cat got your tongue?

stop censorship.
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Which brings me to a few letters ahead. F.

What happy go lucky practitioner really gives a flying F about ABC or (as I hope you all provide) to Z? Me thinks they care more about that sweet adjustment they got in down dog the other day or how the message in class last week really resonated with what’s going on in their life. Or maybe just maybe they are getting to know their body and spirit a little better. Isn’t that the goal? And isn’t that done by staying true to that. The why. Why? Because the why defines the how, and the how defines the what, and the what defines the who and the who defines the you. When? How about right now? Remember that whole present moment thingy?

Omm yeaaahh…


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