Scientists Say Listening to Michael Jackson’s “Heal The World” Might Help Do Just That

Does listening to music with positive messages like Michael Jackson’s ‘Heal the World’ and Bob Sinclair’s ‘Love Generation’ actually change people’s behavior for the better? Researchers in Germany and the United Kingdom think so! In a set of five experiments, these scientists found evidence that listening to music with “pro-social lyrics’ actually reduces people’s aggression. Their results suggest that such songs affect individuals at a subconscious level, changing aggressive tendencies via changes in mood and emotion rather than explicit thoughts.
“Heal the World
Make it a Better Place
For You and For Me
And The Entire Human Race”

Many yoga teachers choose play music in their classes, while others prefer to let the breath be the rhythm that carries their students through. What is your preferred soundtrack during asana practice? Kirtan tunes, jamming rock, or is yoga meant to be done in the spaciousness of silence? Do these findings change the way you think about the sounds we all — consciously or unconsciously — internalize during our yoga practice? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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