16 Reasons We Fall for Yoga Instructors

Welcome to meaningful movement and breath, sweat and digging deep. Sound familiar? Perhaps.

Welcome to the lust of yoga.

Desires, feelings, thoughts of (clearing throat sound) It happens, not like I would know or anything, just a guess. Right. But no one talks about it, weeeird?

Enter the seducer: Exhibit A (The Wolf). Their eyes find you and connect. Shhhh, there don’t need to be words. No no, only inhales and exhales.

Enter the seduced: Exhibit B. (The Innocent) You/Me

If you are reading this and haven’t experienced at least one moment of feeling attracted to your yoga instructor, you are not human. Check for a pulse or other planetary address. I shall call you Zorbot.

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Male or female, youthful or experienced, the instructor seduces your mind, your heart and eventually your body. Yes, its going to happen (unless you are Zorbot), but I think I finally understand why.

So go with it. Sometimes an amazing relationship — a friendship, mentorship, or more — comes out of it, but remember you walked in that door open to new things. And that’s exactly what yoga is about. Flow with it… to a healthy place of course. Crushes on those in a position of power is not a novel concept. Think back with me to middle school, high school, college. Mhhm. See?

A serious note though (just one): A strong yoga teacher can lead a class with  passionate expression and love; beautiful inspiration, eloquent and mind-altering motivation. But that doesn’t mean their life is roses and buttercups, and often what happens is we transfer the feelings we experience from that powerful class into an idelized relationship with that teacher. That said…

..who am I to decide whether it’s love or lust? It is what it is and if its meant to be, develop a friendship first and see where it goes. (steps off proverbial yoga block)

As promised, here are 16 reasons why we fall for yoga instructors. Eventually I just gave up my and decided to become one. If you can’t beat ‘em, Aum ‘em!

1. Spandex
2. Shapes under the spandex
3. Flexibility  (no it’s not all superficial keep reading and un-furrow your eyebrow)
4. Bad-ass Presence
5. Aum-ability
6. Kindness for anyone, even the poor lost souls first time to yoga (this once was you and me)
7. That cooling goodness they massage on your neck
8. A thoughtful adjustment
9. A meaningful sequence/touch/glance
10. Introspective insight to chaos surrounding your life
11. Vulnerability to open their heart to everyone who walks in the door
12. A deep beautiful spiritual connection to the unknown, a mysterious and a willingness to share this amazing thing with you
13. Yoga hair
14. Their ability to kick our Asanas all over the mat and leave us wanting more
15. Knowledge and appreciation of how the human body works
16. Yogic wisdom and ways


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