Birthday Reflections of an (almost) 2 Year Old Yogi

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Woke up 28, but it’s just a number.

I am not the size I want to be, but I am going to change that. I don’t walk the most enlightened path but I’m going to yoga that out.

I don’t live the life of yesterday, but I still breathe. I don’t look at things the same I did, but I still see. I am the same and very different.

There are times when I have almost lost life. There are people in this world I will love forever unconditionally. Many I barely know. Then there are some I will change my world for, excitedly.

Because of how they make me feel: inspired, loving, introspective, stupid happy.
I try to keep them close, make them laugh, and let them know how much they mean to me.

I am getting emotional now. Tears flow without warning. And also more than ever in my last 28 years.

The greatest realization of this day is how delicate life is. How beautiful simple things are. And how powerful the mind can be.

Oh, and that the darkness is a must. To light yourself on fire.

Yoga. Music. Words. Friends. Love given and received shows that every moment is so fucking amazing. Rebirth in the revolution of each cycle of thought, practice, breath and moment. So happy rebirthday to you, to us.

Thank you universe,
DJ Sukha

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DJ Sukha (AKA: Amber Kavehkar) is the resident Yoga Modern DJ and a regular contributor on the blog and often contributes her downloadable mashups on our Facebook page Amber fell in love with the mashup of mind, body, and vinyasa flow at her very first yoga class. Already deeply immersed in the music world, she decided to pick up spinning in order to offer something new in the music and yoga scenes. Amber's favorite quote is, "When words fail, music speaks." In Sanskrit, SUKHA is often translated as “happiness," "ease" or "pleasure." In Buddhist literature, the Pali term is used to describe laic pursuits, meditative absorptions and intra-psychic phenomena. DJ Sukha creates eclectic mixes of indie, progressive, electronica, trance, world & dubstep music in order to mesh sound and movement. She collaborates with yoga teachers, event organizers, and studio owners to offer live spinning at yoga classes and events. DJ Sukha is available for regular classes, events, and fundraisers or private parties. Click here for more information on gigs, booking, and merchandise.

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