Counter Trafficking in the Age of Global Communities

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If you invest any regular time here at Yoga Modern it is likely that you have a great interest in how yoga intersects with the current issues in the world. If you read articles written by our editors and contributors you are well aware of the opportunities available for people who teach and practice yoga to reach out into their communities and offer a sense of healing and empowerment.

One of the greatest things about a virtual space like Yoga Modern is that it creates networks and connections between people who are doing the same work.

There are other people outside of the yoga community doing the work, too.

For instance, a group of college students is putting together the Counter Trafficking in Persons Database. It is a collaborative project that aggregates the work of organizations across the world so that they can network and share resources.

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Why is this amazing?

Because while we all might spend a little too much time on Facebook stalking the menial happenings of people we used to know, we are also participating in projects and ideas that are making good work better.

We are moving from work that creates drops in the bucket to work that can become a deluge, because we have the means to work together. 

To learn more about Counter Trafficking in Persons Database, watch their introductory video, or attend the upcoming Global Forum on Human Trafficking.

Whether you are passionate about ending slavery and trafficking or any other of the many connected issues of poverty and injustice, you will resonate with the mantra that Not For Sale prescribes:

It is no longer enough to think about change

It is no longer enough to talk about change

It is time to shift gears–marrying movement with intelligent action


What organizations outside of the yoga community do you think we should know about? Who’s making a difference in your community?

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