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The synchronicity of opposites

by Wajid Gallien

The synchronicity of opposites is the key to a unique experiential moment. This is the instant when two great opposing forces encounter each other for a brief polarizing exchange, representing the pinnacle of the traveler’s spiritual journey. This event is not necessarily within the context of what we may have been looking for. Considering that, we are not only myopic when it comes to our spirituality, but also that which makes the Divine nature unpredictable is its unknown quality.

Even to the point where we may experience the synchronicity of opposites and not realize it until a later time. Simply because our expectation of what should be, stands in the way of what is. What is, can be a very ordinary moment, but that moment touches us in the deepest and most delicate, sacred dimension of our being, transforming us even before our consciousness (which may have been momentarily blinded by the experience) recovers.

It is the momentary blindness that clues us to the reality of the experience. For what is experienced as blindness by consciousness is the result of having momentarily experienced the Divine Unknown. And I would equate this blindness to the Sufi idea of dying before death. For what dies is the sense of separation, and what is experienced is the encounter of the finite with the infinite. And even though this mystical union may seem to last an eternity, it is but the duration of a spark in the night of time. Otherwise there is indeed a death. For the human capacity is not great enough to have the emptiness that is necessary to contain the Divine fullness.

The mystery of opposites is contained in the spark (itself a particle of Divine intelligence) that shatters the sense of self, the sense of separation. The spark that is nurtured in the heart of the mystic in the creative tension fomented by mystical logic. Which upon release brings into confrontation, life and death. Light and darkness. A darkness relevant to our humanity, a humanity overwhelmed by the radiant intensity of the all-pervading Divine Light.

In St. John’s words a “dark night of the soul,” because the light of our humanity is but a fragile candle like-flame to the power of the Divine Light. Can it be that the dark night of the soul is the outcome of surrender to the light of the Divine? The death of the small self as an act of love, where all that remains is the greater Self, the Divine Light. In this instance death becomes the proof of one’s love. Nevertheless a question remains, who or what is it that dies? We are reminded by Hazrat Inayat Khan that “the central thought of Sufism is that life lives, it is death that dies.”

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