Wanderlust Festival Vermont Wrap-Up (videos)

Yoga Modern was at Wanderlust Vermont this past week and had the privilege of sharing the experience with some of the online yoga community’s most active voices, including Diane Ferraro of Where is My Guru and Kasey Luber of Big Happy Day. Check out this video recap from Chelsea and Diane:

Festivals can be a wonderful opportunity for yogis from vastly different walks of life to come together and share knowledge, inspiration, and cultivate a sense of broader community.

On Saturday, Kasey‘s video wrap-up featured joyful yogis singing and dancing at the Yoga Aid class with Michael Franti and Seane Corn — which channeled that blissed out festival energy to raise money for Off the Mat Into The World‘s Haiti Relief Project. Can you spot our Yoga Modern editor in the crowd?

We’re curious… have you been to a yoga festival before? Did you find your experience there tapped you into a broader sense of community?

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  • Rather than babble on today in my usual fashion I think Ill offer up some interesting video with just a brief bit of commentary from yours truly ..Yoga IsIf you ask 100 people what yoga is I have a feeling youd get 100 different answers. Personally I get a bit of a deer in the headlights look when asked the what is yoga question.

  • My 30s found me knee deep in yoga and filled me with a yearing for authenticity. I was still am in a passionate love affair with yoga and I wanted to write about it I suppose being an English major back in college contributed to my desire to write .