Yoga Isn’t Fun Anymore

I can remember that as a kid I used to love picking up a ball and a glove and playing catch with my best friend. I would throw until my arm was sore. Until my mom yelled at me to get in the car. As I got older I still threw, but what once was done for pleasure and competition with myself  turned into feeling suffocating judgement from others, self-criticism, and seldom joy as I attended college on an athletic scholarship. Fast forward to 15 years later. I  am no longer playing catch, I am no longer coaching as a profession. But I still remember the pure feeling I got from throwing back then. I found it again. I just replaced the ball and glove with breath and movement.

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Duh, yoga. I remember that same pure feeling from my first few months of classes or (as I call it) whirlwind of falling in yoga love. It’s been 17 months since I took my first yoga class, and now I find myself  a teacher in training, a DJ of yoga classes, a yoga blogger; completely immersed in the yoga community. But something definitely started going downhill the last few months. Lately, I’ve found yoga isn’t fun anymore. Hear me out.

I became painfully (literally) aware of my body’s inflexibility over the last year. I went through denial, frustration, anger, feeling lost and finally on path to exposing my own inner light. This is actually the good part, trust me.

Then I was exposed to the rest. Yoga politics, yoga commercialization, yoga dissonance. Remove the word yoga from the three times used in the last sentence and what’s left? Definitely not yoga.

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Like a snake shedding skin, I slither through each pose out of the politics, the commercialization and the dissonance that seems to be associated with yoga these days. I battle with staying true to my “why” of practicing yoga in every chattarunga. I breathe through the shit around me to reach acceptance of it all.  When I feel myself falling victim to the skepticism, the over-every-which-way-to-Sunday-analyzation of yoga in the media/blogs/critics, I am no longer doing yoga. I am no longer playing catch.

It’s true. I am no longer innocent, no longer blind. Yoga is a fire-igniting, spirtual-awakening, life-altering practice that is constantly in the public eye of speculation, attack and prodding. But what force that is so powerful, so uniting and so deep, isnt?

So I still play. And I’ve made a few lifelong friends who do too. On the mat, staying true to a raw practice, I can accept the skeptics who try to dissect my yoga. It is my yoga. I am still playing…on the mat. I am still coaching… on the mat. How do you?

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