Yelizaveta Nersesova – Artist Undoing

Inability to tolerate empty space limits the amount of space available.
W.R. Bion, Cogitations

The important thing is that at a given moment one arrives at illusion. Around it one finds a sensitive spot, a lesion, a locus of pain, a point of reversal of the whole of history, insofar as it is the history of art and insofar as we are implicated in it; that point concerns the notion that the illusion of space is different from the creation of emptiness.
Jacques Lacan, Ethics

Is it my role as an artist to say something, to express, to be expressive?  I think it’s my role as an artist to bring to expression, it’s not my role to be expressive. I’ve got nothing particular to say, I don’t have any message to give anyone. But it is my role to bring to expression, let’s say, to define means that allow phenomenological and other perceptions which one might use, one might work with, and then move towards a poetic existence.
Anish Kapoor

Yelizaveta (Lisa) Nersesova – dedicated artist and yoga instructor – creates space for space.

Lisa aims “to explore the meeting place of the conscious and the unconscious, chaos and order, the logical and the absurd. The paintings are symbolic diagrammatic studies of these meeting places which are then used to generate video.”


It is the quality of ‘space’ prevalent in Lisa’s work, whether constructed or deconstructed, that beautifully arises and is seemingly held effortlessly, that provides a gateway to emptiness. She says that “the symbols and their meanings are a part of a personal vocabulary that has been developing as an attempt to unravel the limited cognitive language and in turn see everything around me in its elemental form. The desire is to go back, to undo, to undefine, unanswer, to unopen, to unthink, to unrecognize.”

March 25-May 1 2011

Three to Watch – Bernardo Cantu, Yelizaveta Nersesova, Carlo Zinzi. Curated by Chris Worley.

Opening reception Friday, March 25 6:30-8:30. University of Dallas

see her art at

teaches yoga at the Dallas Yoga Center

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