Is yoga an art? (video)

” And your very flesh shall be a great poem…” — Walt Whitman

Also see MindBodyGreen‘s coverage of Phillip Askew‘s beautiful pairing of yoga and cinematography here.

Do you think of your yoga practice as artistic expression?

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  • Lauren says:

    I think that to see yoga as art is an essential move in the artistic perspective in general. Art does not only come through our brains, our eyes, our ears, our visions or imaginations….it is sourced in our bodies. If to make art is to tell our story then the body is the richest place to find material to create.

  • Jeff Clardy says:

    Art is anything produced with passion and pure intention, so yes sometimes my yoga practice is art other times its a trudge and other times its ego based. I would hardly be human if it weren't all those. The goal is to have it be more artful then not but realistically I am but human:)

  • Patience says:

    Most definitely! The grace and dance like qualities are what drew me to yoga in the first place. Every time I prepare a sequence for a class or myself I think of it more like choreographing a ballet.

    Art is one of the distinctions between humans and animals. It's a deliberate practice that comes from the divinity within, and that sounds a lot like yoga. At least to me!