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    I came to yoga from meditation. While at Frederick College in 1966—68 I studied with Rudi Schuster. In a short time two Kennedy brothers and Martin Luther King were assassinated, there were marches on the Pentagon, and four students were shot dead at Kent State. I lived in the D.C. area, which was filled with people questioning old values and looking to replace them with newly created lifestyles representative of individual rights and peaceful co-existence. During these turbulent years I practiced with Rudi, studied Mahayana Buddhism and taught past life regression at the Edgar Cayce Foundation in Virginia Beach, Va. I went through the next 30 years still practicing in some form or the other—never settling into one thing long because I wanted to keep wandering—keep feeling and touching—I was hungry for all the lessons. Then I met my first Yoga teacher—who became my life partner. Nöle Guilini. Nöle helped me remember—any act done with awareness is Yoga. And since there is no movement in form or formlessness outside of awareness then from the moment we enter our bodies we’re doing Yoga. Nöle introduced me to the teaching of Erich Schiffmann, and I did a teacher training with him in 1997, then began teaching myself in 1998. I’ve studied over the last 15 years with some wonderful Yogis—in particular Richard Miller, Angela Farmer, Victor van Kooten, Donna Farhi and of course Nöle Giulini. I’ve learned from all of them and their teachings live deep in the heart of my practice.
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